By - Ross Hubbard

Why Are People Using CBD Oil For Animals?

Most research and anecdotal reports on the potential health benefits of CBD-rich hemp extracts involve or are geared towards humans, but did you know that CBD oil for pets can also be beneficial? A recent report from Australia could bring even more hope to those of us who wish to keep our loved pets alive and healthy for as long as possible.

Many people have been aware of the potential benefits of hemp a long time ago, replacing pharmaceutical analgesics with medical cannabis two years ago. This is still illegal in Australia, as well as in many countries across the world as legal forms of access have not yet been established.

Can my vet prescribe CBD oil for pets?

Although vets from several different places across the world still do not recommend the use of hemp extracts, it began to give it cannabidiol alcohol rich in cannabidiol (CBD oil), but without THC, which therefore does not offer the “high” feeling to the user. We do not need more research – more trials – we need action. Many actions need to be taken in order for this extract to be used in people and in animals as well. Why deny treatment to an animal? CBD oil for pets is not a drug; it is a plant extract like many others. It will not make the animal high; the animal needs a chance to lead a healthy and nice life as well. It is up to us to help them have a chance as well.

CBD pure can help millions of animals stop suffering

From other testimonials, it seems that hemp extracts could also work for cats. Although owners have once been very skeptical of using hemp, many already have stated that these animals can also benefit from CBD pure, allowing them to have pain relief in cases of arthritis, general pains, anxiety and lack of sleep. Check here.

Effects of cannabinoids on pets

The effects that many owners who already use CBD oil for pets are not completely unknown to the research. CBD oil has demonstrated analgesic effects in several studies, which means that pain relief without affecting cognition as well as anti-inflammatory ability. Some inflammatory substances that CBD may reduce, including TNF-alpha, also reduces appetite. Other cannabinoids, such as CBC from CBG, also had anti-inflammatory effects, with CBG showing greater ability to suppress the inflammatory enzyme known as Lipoxygenase than THC3. In addition, some terpenes present in hemp, such as beta-caryophyllin, alpha-pinene Beta-myrcene, have been found to possess anti-inflammatory effects through several different mechanisms.

Other animals may also benefit from CBD oil

It is not just human and laboratory mice that know how to possess the endocannabinoid system necessary for hemp extracts to have an effect; It has also been found in dogs, cats, turtles and even sea urchins! Although more scientific research is needed on treating pets with CBD oil for pets, anecdotal reports continue to accumulate as awareness of the benefits of hemp products for animals grows. Check out this site:

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